Actually us tweens prefer to keep to ourselves.

Adults are a bit complicated, bothering and boring often.

But sometimes they are useful to support us.

And there are some games we're only able to do with their assistance.

Here is one of them. It's much fun particulary when you reach the 3rd level.

This is the starting position.

Do you guess what comes next?

Advice: Don't miss to bend your head and spread your legs ...


Yes, your wrists will get grasped and pulled upwards vigoriously.



And in the next moment you'll find yourself standing upright on your feet again.


But if you try some time you might finish the curl by clutching their hips with your legs.


When the both of you are really good at it you will even reach the 3rd level:


Caution: This exercise is addictive!

It's always such an exciting and overwhelming experience

to find yourself on their shoulder within a split second

that you will demand it again and again!